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Ottawa International Writers Festival

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Ottawa Dance Directive,

SPAO -School For the Photographic Arts: Ottawa

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Ottawa Chamberfest

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Carleton University Art Gallery


Qu’ART is an arts collective of Ottawa-based arts professionals. Our goal is to heighten LGBTQ2S+/ queer artistic activity and broaden intersectional discourse in Ottawa throughout 2019, through increased visibility and programming opportunities for under-represented queer-identified artists, within allied arts organizations and festivals.

Qu’ART works with established festivals or existing events in order to promote integration of LGBTQ2S+/ queer artists, while striving to help Ottawa arts organizations better realize the inherent advantage and potential available for both the queer community and their own audience development. Qu’ART also promotes relevant and important community arts events, through this website, in order to support the work of the Ottawa Queer community.

Our intention is to foster increased opportunities for queer and trans artists, activists, allies, and cultural influencers to cross-pollinate socially and creatively through residencies, workshops, performances, panel discussions, and creative work that connects people across generations and artistic disciplines. Qu’ART sets out on this first year-long project of inclusion and re-queering the local arts ecology in order to turn moments of commemoration or past conflict within the queer community into a catalyst for new and daring creation. We believe that intergenerational knowledge-sharing being is a key tool for community- building, as we encourage intersectional approaches to social justice themes in the arts.